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Matt GranfieldMatt Granfield’s online marketing career began at age 11 when he wrote a computer program on an Amstrad CPC to track inventory of Christmas trees he was illegally cutting down from the pine plantation out the back of his parents house to sell on the road out the front during the holiday season. A multi-national wood-chipping corporation shut the operation down after two yuletide seasons, but not before he had made enough cash to buy a new surfboard. Matt subsequently dropped out of the business world to work on candy strategy before cashflow problems forced him to consider further education.

A University degree in arts (with a few communications, music, marketing, advertising and PR subjects thrown in) followed before Matt graduated in 2001 with a job as a newspaper reporter for a local tabloid owned by R.Murdoch. A marketing position at Australian National Yoof Broadcaster Triple J was thrown into the mix, but in reality, Matt spent most of his time there pilfering T-Shirts and sending stickers to teenage fans. He still likes to include it on his resume because working at Triple J sounds cool and his job title did in fact have the word ‘marketing’ in it.

Matt’s career trajectory took a giant leap sideways when he left the heady world of journalism to become a partner in digital agency e-CBD. Matt built websites for a couple of years and then decided he was much better at marketing than designing and figured that if he put his efforts into that, he could afford to pay a team of designers to do all the fancy CSS and HTML stuff. It worked and e-CBD grew to become one of the most-respected online marketing and design firms in Australia.

Matt now spends his time making blue elephants in Photoshop and consulting as marketing director at e-CBD for clients including major political parties, overseas banks, NGOs, multi-national financial organizations and mining companies, property developers, rock bands, law firms, real estate agencies and hundreds of other SMEs.

Years of experience and actual talent aside, Matt’s irreverently humorous approach to accepted marketing conventions and a knack for telling it like it is make him a popular speaker at marketing conferences around the world.

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