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Through our partnership with Ilisys Web Hosting in Melbourne, e-CBD is able to provide what we truly believe to be the best, most cost-effective web hosting in this country.

In addition to e-CBD's legendary customer service and attention to detail, when you host through Ilisys you also get the following:

A 100% Australian business

A 100% Australian businessOur business, network, servers and staff are all based in our Melbourne headquarters. That means we have 24 hour access to our own equipment and you have access to our technicians when you need them - during Australian business hours.

We keep great company

We keep great companyYou can judge a business by the company it keeps. We've built unique relationships with Google and strategic partnerships with GeoTrust and Microsoft.

We know small business

We know small businessWe host websites and email for over 20,000 Australian businesses, on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and throughout Australia. We've grown by listening to them and building our company around their needs.

We understand developers

We understand developersMore often than not, businesses will put us in touch with their developers and we've built relationships with many companies around Australia. That means when you call, our staff will speak your language.

We're carbon neutral

We're carbon neutralWe use more than 200,000 KWh of electricity each year, providing services to 20,000 Australian businesses. By using GreenPower renewable energy and by planting trees, we eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing Ilisys, you are contributing to a healthier environment.

First-class technology

First-class technologyMore often than not, our customers are Australian small business. But our technology is decidedly big business. We use Network Appliance storage, Cisco routers and firewalls, Foundry load-balancers and Veritas backup systems.

We guarantee uptime

We guarantee uptimeWe operate a fully redundant internal network, from our switching and routing equipment right down to clustered web, email and FTP servers. It really means something when we guarantee our service. That's why we publish and honour a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all our Linux-hosted customers.

A culture of innovation

A culture of innovationWe have a great team of developers and every day they're working on features and systems to improve our service to you. Innovation is part of our culture and we welcome input from staff and customers alike.

What's included in our Hosting

Main features of our hosting

  • Unlimited free technical support over the phone from real, friendly, knowledgeable Australian people who want to help you
  • Free, instant restores from any day in the last week and any hour in the last day
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Private Australian data-centre
  • Clustered web servers
  • Hourly backups
  • Spam filtering
  • Email virus blocking
  • Service level guarantee

Hosting environment

  • Apache 2.2.x running in a load balanced, fully redundant cluster
  • PHP 5.3.x/5.4.x, mod_php5
  • CGI/FastCGI
  • APC/memcache
  • Mod_rewrite
  • Private IP addresses for use with SSL
  • Wildcard DNS for *
  • Automatic subdomain mapping: ->

Email features

  • POP3 / IMAP
  • Authenticated SMTP server
  • Spamassassin and ClamAV for spam/virus filtering
  • Webmail over https
  • Each email message is an individual file in your mail directory
  • Email addresses and accounts are only limited by available space
  • Unlimited forwarding to other addresses
  • Vacation and out-of-office auto-replies

Control panel

  • View a full archive of your service history
  • View transfer and storage usage and configure alert emails
  • Upgrade your account and make account payments
  • Manage FTP and MySQL clusters
  • Manage email addresses, spam handling, local delivery, forwarding and auto-replies
  • Manage all aspects of DNS including subdomains and MX
  • Restore from backup instantly using NetApp SnapRestore
  • Configure Urchin By Email traffic reports
  • Create downloadable backups

Free applications

  • Content management and web application support
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento

Backup creation

  • Automatic, hourly Snapshot backups of home directories, stored emails and MySQL databases
  • Nightly tape backups
  • Downloadable backups of all data may be created within the Toolkit

Backup storage

  • 30 Snapshot backups are available covering each of the most recent 24 hours, and the six most recent midnights
  • Offsite tape backups for emergency disaster recovery (only used for system recovery and not available to customers)

Backup restores

  • Instant restores to any Snapshot are available at all times in the Toolkit
  • Restore to any of the previous hourly snapshots of your home directory from the Toolkit
  • Create downloadable backups of your Website, Secure Website, Email Accounts and any MySQL database

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