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Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to edit and publish content on their site. In other words, its like Microsoft Word only for websites!

There are hundreds of Content Management Systems available however there are certain elements that make for a highly effective and useful CMS, including:

MODx Content Management SystemAll websites built by e-CBD are created in an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) called MODX. MODX is an advanced, open source Content Management System that allows our designers and developers to build any kind of website without limiting the functionality, customisation or design elements.

Features of the MODX Content Management System

* All clients are provided with a MODX manual which outlines how to do the basics, like changing text and page titles, adding a link or uploading an image. However, some of our clients require a greater deal of customisation and therefore need to be able to make more technical changes. In these circumstances we provide a one hour training session in using MODX, plus ongoing phone support.

What does 'Open Source' mean?

MODx Content Management SystemMODX is an open source system, which allows developers from around the world to modify the platform to make improvements or add new features. This means that MODX is continuously being fine-tuned and upgraded with the latest applications from the web, allowing the system's functionality and usability to be constantly improving.

Open Source software is typically a collaborative effort where the source code of the CMS is available to developers for customisation, with any modified versions able to be redistributed. Another notable criteria of Open Source software is that distribution must be free. This means that MODX has no extra costs or hidden licensing fees.

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