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Mobile Responsive Website Design

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Don't let your website fall behind

Millions of internet users are now accessing websites through smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology.

In fact, many of these users are on mobile devices more so than computers or laptops (view source). The bottom line is that in the modern day, you need a website that gives a consistent and positive experience to users across all devices.

e-CBD can help you offer your website's visitors a superb mobile experience by creating a fully functional responsive website.

Give your customers the best online experience with our mobile-first approach

Here at e-CBD we strive to stay ahead of the game and have been developing websites using what we call a mobile-first approach for some time now.

Mobile First

The mobile-first approach means that when we are developing your website we focus first on creating the mobile experience. Once the mobile version of the website is slick we will then scale upwards to build the tablet layout and finally the dazzling desktop version of the website.

Google is going mobile-first

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches and Google is aware of this trend. As a result, the search engine is changing the way that it ranks websites in Google search results.

Instead of crawling websites using a desktop browser point-of-view, Google will now crawl the web from a mobile browser. This means if your mobile search rankings are placed lower than your desktop rankings, you could potentially lose visibility in search results (do you know the difference between your mobile and desktop rankings? We Can help). Some things that could be negatively affecting your mobile rankings include:

If you’re not sure whether your website is ready for the mobile-first index get in touch with us today.

Responsive web design: the best of both worlds

When you get an e-CBD responsive website, your customers are getting the optimum user experience regardless of what sized device they are using and you get the added bonus of receiving favourable search engine results because you are keeping Google happy.

You are getting the best of both worlds!

Why your local business needs a mobile friendly website

Here are some interesting statistics about mobile search usage from a recent article.

Stay in the game & get mobile friendly today

mobile friendly website exampleTo remain competitive, it is becoming increasingly important to offer a seemless mobile experience for your website visitors.

Users visiting your site on their mobile device have less patience for a poor user experience than if they were on their desktop. Mobile users are generally on the move and need the answer to their question quickly and effortlessly. If they can't read text or navigate without excessive "pinch and zoom" they will give up on your site and find one that's easier to use. If any part of your site is in Flash then it's likely that over half of your visitors won't be able to view it.

Our mobile websites will increase your exposure to mobile audiences with an easy to manage and beautifully designed website unique to your needs and businesses branding.

Mobile responsive website features:

Examples of Mobile Websites we've designed

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If you would like more information about mobile websites, including turning your existing website into a responsive one, call us on 1300 733 088 or submit an enquiry today.