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A logo is what makes your company recognisable. It's a visual cue that makes your brand into a familiar one, and is often the foundation for all of your marketing materials, from signage to stationary, and of course, your website.

Type designHaving a professionally designed logo is important as it becomes a symbol or representation of your brand to your customers. People are more stimulated by images over words and often remember visual elements like logos long after they've forgotten what they've read. What people feel about your brand becomes attached to your logo, which in turn becomes a representation of how they feel about your brand.

Logo design sampleA good logo and subsequent branding through the use of colour, shapes, angles and symbols can represent to people things like quality, dependability, power, strength, speed and even durability, qualities they then associate with your company.

Verg logoe-CBD works in conjunction with VERG for all logo and branding requests. VERG is founded by Matt Vergotis on the Gold Coast, a highly talented and internationally recognised logo, brand and corporate identity specialist. Matt has worked with a number of large brands within Australia and overseas, and holds a philosophy that involves the client "falling in love with their identity and not just accepting mediocre attempts", providing effective, clean and creative logo design, corporate identity and branding solutions.

The following projects were completed in conjunction with e-CBD and VERG:

Logo sample : The Anchorage Restaurant Logo sample : Goldsteins Bakery Logo sample : Goosey Gander Logo sample : Dance upon a Dream

View a selection of Matt's work or contact today on 1300 733 088 to discuss your new rebrand.