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We'll help you build a Facebook page, get on Twitter and start using social media to develop customer relationships, boost your bottom line and achieve REAL business goals...

Social Media allows you to get your message across instantly, to have that message shared amongst masses of people at the click of a button, and to establish relationships with your customers in ways that weren't possible before. In many ways, Social Media facilitates Word of Mouth advertising in the online world!

Information about brands and companies is readily available, with consumer experiences (both positive and negative) now at the forefront of online activity. Providing positive experiences is plain old good business, however social media is bringing these experiences out in the open, so brands need to make sure that their online presence is governed by an overall strategy that portrays a consistant image, reflects their offline behaviour and brand personality.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

e-CBD will develop a Social Media Marketing strategy for your business with advice on the social networks you should be using, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram, with instructions and tips on how to use them. We can create profiles for you, add clickable icons to your website, design a Facebook App to coincide with an upcoming event, competition or promotion or help you increase your Likes, Views, Shares, Pins, Followers or whatever goal it is you are trying to meet through Social Media.

We will meet with you to determine what you really want to achieve through Social Media, whether it be to increase brand awareness, increase your customer base or to facilitate a 'social' relationship with your customers, and then generate a strategy to meet these goals.

Why choose e-CBD?

We're about more than just Facebook. Yes, we can help you build a Facebook page, but social media is bigger than Facebook. We'll help you make the most of Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, forums, blogs, LinkedIn and much more.

  • We'll deliver an income-generating social media strategy
  • We've worked with Australia's biggest companies
  • Track the ROI of your social media marketing
  • Get advice from recognised industry experts
  • Get a Facebook page that works for your business

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