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We know the Gold Coast and we know what local businesses need to increase their visibility online. We have been operating on the Gold Coast since 1998 and our reputation for providing quality SEO and web design services has got us where we are today.

Gold Coast SEO services - what do you get?

Our SEO packages for Gold Coast businesses work - it's as simple as that. So what do we do for you:

You need SEO

If you want to market locally, then a strong internet presence is needed now more than ever. A great website is a good start, but if you really want to compete locally on the Gold Coast for first page rankings in Google and other search engines, then you need to know what you're doing when it comes to SEO.

We have taken many of our Gold Coast SEO client's websites from receiving very little traffic and sales/enquiries online, to having a significant online precense in their industry for relevant search terms that bring targeted visitors to their websites and ultimately improve their business' profitability.

SEO pack example - McMillan

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Put simply, SEO is the development of a strategy that will position your website for higher rankings in search engines. It can be a bit of a shock to people but we don't actually rank your website! That's the search engine's job.

What we do is use methods (which adhere strictly to the Google Webmaster Guidelines) that help to position your site for higher rankings in search engines (we generally focus on Google, Bing & Yahoo).

There is more to SEO: Making Your Business More Profitable

What we've described above is what is known as "traditional SEO". But when we do SEO we go further. We're in business, and you're in business so we know that what matters is not just ranking for searches. SEO needs to improve your business' profitability.

As part of the SEO services we offer for Gold Coast businesses, we aim to not only make your site more visible in search engines, but when visitors get to your site we analyse their behaviour to develop and test strategies that will get your website visitors to complete your site's goals. These goals could include purchasing from your online store, enquiring about your services, completing quote forms, picking up the phone and calling and whatever else is important to helping your business succeed online.

This is what really matters in the end. When we hear stories from our clients about how busy they are and how much better the business is doing online - we know we've done our job.

How much does SEO Cost?

Basic SEO packages start at $330 per month (incl. GST). This package is suitable for most local businesses who want to position themselves for higher rankings in search engines in the greater Gold Coast area.

Cost generally comes down to:

We also offer a tiered package which costs more for the first six months of the contract and then drops back to a lower rate for the following months. This can help manage costs with sites that might need substantial work upfront but once that initial work is done the cost of SEO drops back to a more affordable monthly amount.

Added Bonus

Gold Coast Directory imageAs a part of our SEO services for Gold Coast businesses we provide a featured listing in the Gold Coast Directory. This local business directory was created by e-CBD in 2002 and it has grown to become a high ranking list of local businesses which can create excellent visibility for your business online.

Whether you're looking to take a leap into the digital unknown, or are a seasoned website owner, e-CBD can help. For more information about our Services, Contact our team or call us today on 07 5531 3810