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There's a bit of a recipe for "Good SEO" but it's no secret. Like creating anything of value, it takes some time, some diligence and a desire to make it the best.

What do we actually do?

SEO can sometimes seem a little mysterious and a lot of companies promise things or dazzle you with "tech-speak". There are a lot of cowboys out there who either have an outdated understanding of SEO or are just plain wrong and taking your money for doing little.

We are always open and transparent about what we do and when things are wrong or the results are bad we let you know why. Our model for doing SEO is holistic and involves telling you from the outset the potential issues your site faces for ranking from a technical, content and competition perspective.

We use a mixture of techniques to help get your site ready to rank better:

These five items are a good start to getting your site more visibility in search engines.

On-Page Optimisation

Things we look at include:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headings
  • Internal Links
  • Image Titles
  • Good Keyword Rich Content

What we don't do:

  • Hidden or Sponsored Links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Black Hat practises

Content Strategy

A content strategy is part SEO and part Website Optimisation. A well thought out and comprehensive content strategy helps to make your website a rich and helpful experience for your visitors, and in doing this it also assists with SEO by ensuring your site is providing the 'answers' that your visitors are hoping to find.

Content Strategy ideas include:

As you can see there is a lot of depth you can put into your site by mixing up the type of content you present. In the end the final user experience is what matters because that will be what brings people back to the site.

Linking Strategy

"You can buy 200+ PR 4 links and get your site listed in 8,000 search engines immediately for $299!"

If you ever hear those words then you've strayed into the wrong SEO neighbourhood, a neighbourhood overrun by cowboys who will get your site penalised severely by the search engines. Remember that bit about SEO being a long term process?

No body wants a "dear john" letter from Google like the one below:

google webmaster tools unnatural link warning

SEO linking is like any other business networking strategy - you want referrals from other reputable businesses, past customers and your branding needs to be represented in the right places relevant to your business. Buying links and other black hat linking strategies can be like buying advertising in tabloid magazines or other less-than-reputable places. By combining good internal linking as well as a smart content strategy you should be able to attract links from other sites. We approach relevant sites on your behalf to generate good quality links pointing to your site. We also find relevant and useful directories to add your site to to help with linking and give your branding more visibility. These are just few of the ways we get you healthy and helpful back links.

As a part of our linking strategy we also offer Google Places optimisation to all eligible SEO clients which greatly helps with local visibility in Google search results.

Technical Enhancements

We address a number of 101 type technical issues as well as advanced technical enhancements that are often overlooked as a part of Search Engine Optimisation. These include:

Basically we keep your site humming and tuned by making sure not only are you getting links, your onpage content is optimised, your content is killer but your site's inner workings aren't creating problems for search engines to index and rank your site.

Analysis and Optimisation

The internet keeps growing with over 120,000 sites added daily. This is why SEO is an ongoing process. Each month we look at how the site is performing for the targeted keywords but we also look deeper into new opportunities for growth for the site.

We analyse the results generated from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and other SEO Tools to determine how your site is performing compared to the past and will send you a monthly update.

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