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You have a beautiful new website but it's nowhere to be found in search engines. You've heard of SEO, you kind of know that it's important but have no idea what it's about, who to call or what's involved...

Why is SEO important?

Right now, this very second, someone is using a search engine to find the types of products or services you provide. Recent research and surveys have found that:

If your website doesn't appear in the first page of search engine results for key searches related for your business, you're missing out on being visible to new customers.

Here's why it's important to rank highly in natural results:

These are the CTR (Click-Through-Rates) on average according to CTR research from Nielson and GroupM UK. For branded results (e.g. results related to branded products of services) the percentage of click through is even higher! You need to be in those top 3 results to get the online visibility you need.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website more visible in Search Engine results. We don't pay for advertising on the search engines, that is called Pay Per Click advertising, instead we "optimise" your website using proven techniques so that search engines show your site on the first page of results for relevant searches.

SEO is not magic or a trick to fool search engines into ranking your website. Search Engine Optimisation is quite simply making your website valuable for visitors and therefore making it worthy of ranking in Search Engines. Another way to look at it is being the "best answer" to the questions people are searching for.

Things you should consider and understand as an SEO client:

Site Content

Often when a business comes to us to have a site optimised the problems are quite obvious. One of the biggest issues is content.

The site isn't getting ranked because what's on the site isn't worth ranking. We often get "But it's my website and people should be able to see it" - but then a visit to their own site lasts less than 10 seconds looking for an answer to a question or for a product or service that they were selling.

They might find it too hard to find what they were looking for, not enough information or the information is laid out in a way that doesn't make sense. A search engine ‘crawler’ would see the same thing using a special algorithm to work out what the site is about in 10 seconds and hence cause the site not to rank.

What we do is help make your site valuable to users and therefore valuable to search engines.

Why we are great at what we do

If you want your website to be visible in search engines, you need a professional Search Engine Optimisation team working for you to deliver results. e-CBD provide a search engine optimisation service that is second to none in quality and results. Find out why you should go with us for SEO:

SEO Case Study McMillan

Read detailed SEO case studies about how e-CBD have helped other businesses perform better in search engines. If you're a Gold Coast business you should find out more about our local Gold Coast SEO services.

Tools we use

We have the tools and we know how to use them. Here is a run down of some of the tools we use and what we do with them to help your site rank better:

Google Keyword Planner

This is a handy tool for working out what keywords or search phrases you should be targeting for your site. We also use this tool for Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising. We interpret the results from this tool conservatively and make sure we have a broad picture of the "theme keywords" that will bring the right kind of people to your site.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is a very important tool for determining the success of your site at presenting itself accurately. It also helps to tell us if there are technical issues with the site that are causing problems with search engines indexing and ranking your site, plus many more features available to website owners.

Google Analytics

This tool helps us to track how visitors are getting to and then interacting with your site. We can find out what keywords are bringing the most visitors or which keywords are bringing people but causing them to leave (bounce) because they didn't find what they were looking for. We can find out where visitors are from, which pages are the most popular and much more to help us better target our SEO efforts.

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