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Google AdWords Works!

We have been running successful AdWords campaigns on behalf of our clients for many years. 


Let our experience save you time and money.

Don't waste another cent on Google AdWords!

Google AdwordsWe've seen businesses spend thousands on "garbage clicks" which never lead to a sale or enquiry or who don't know if AdWords is really working for them because of a poorly managed AdWords campaign. Don't be one of these people.

Google AdWords can be a highly successful marketing strategy when it's done correctly, bringing in quality leads at a minimum cost to you, however all to often we have seen businesses fall into the trap of spending too much without getting any real return on investment.

Why use Google AdWords?

The e-CBD Difference

We don't charge you a commission on how much you spend so we're not interested in making you spend more. Infact we'd rather you spend less and get better returns and invest those saved $$ into long term internet marketing strategies like SEO. We only charge you for our time.

Your time is valuable and learning to run your own ads effectively is a big commitment. When you pay for AdWords Management you are paying for our experience, knowledge and skill - what we can achieve in 15 minutes can potentially save you hundreds or thousands a month on your Google AdWords spend whilst achieving the same or better results.

We design custom advertising campaigns that target high quality keywords - notice we said high quality, not high traffic? One of the biggest mistakes we see in poorly managed AdWords campaigns is the quality of their keywords:

High Traffic does not = Higher ROI

You need quality keywords that deliver a qualified customer to your website. This little difference pays off dividends.

Cost: $120 per hour

See our sample package below - please note that the Google Budget is what you pay to Google, and depends on your industry and how much your daily budget is:

Admin/Setup $360 $240 $240 $240 $120 $120 $1,320
Google Budget* $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $1,800

Landing Pages

Are you sending your costly AdWords traffic to the homepage of your website? Now unless your web designer did a killer job by making your homepage a well-tuned conversion page, you could be wasting money. The last thing a potential customer wants to do is click on an ad for a product or service and be left lost on your homepage having to find their own way to the advertised promotion.

Don't do it. Stop those ads right now and get a landing page.

We don't just manage AdWords campaigns we provide a full service package for Pay Per Click Management. We're not only here to get traffic to your site we're going to tell you how to best convert that traffic to sales, leads or whatever else your MDA (most-desired-action) is for your ads. We will help design and develop a suitable landing page for each ad in your PPC campaign and we'll make it editable and reusable.

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