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Target your customers by location, age, likes and interest using Facebook advertising. Let us help you create excellent Facebook ads with real ROI.

Facebook logoFacebook advertising is just like pay-per-click advertising on Google, but with one major difference. Facebook advertising provides the opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience that can be filtered by:

12 million Australians use Facebook and about one billion use it worldwide. Have you thought about making your product visible in this valuable online social space?

How Facebook Ads work

  1. We put together a proposal for Facebook (and Google AdWords if you need it).
  2. We run the numbers and work out how many people should see your ad, what kind of returns your ads should bring and other useful information.
  3. We suggest a budget but you decide how much you want to spend each day.
  4. We show you some sample ads so you can see what it's going to look like.
  5. We set up your account and ad campaign.
  6. We bill you monthly and report back to you on the success of your campaign.
  7. We regularly check and tweak your campaign to get the best ROI for your advertising dollars.
  8. You take care of your new found clients and customers.

If you want to enquire about Facebook advertising or have any questions, get in touch with us.