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Email Marketing Campaigns

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Stay in the minds of your customers, generate qualified leads & convert an untapped audience using a powerful and affordable email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a direct line to your consumers

Email marketing is a flexible and inexpensive method to stay connected to your customers. These days everyone has their email inbox at their fingertips which makes email marketing an intelligent way to keep your customers informed. 

Emailing Marketing direct to your customers

Emailing your customers creates personalisation, not to mention that it still provides the highest return on investment than any other form of marketing  (read more benefits).

Email marketing has never been easier

We can help you easily launch your email marketing campaigns with customised email templates which are consistent with your branding & website. Our email templates are responsive so they will look great when viewed on your customer’s mobile phones as well as on computers.

See examples of some of the Newsletters we've designed

email newsletter template examples

Our email marketing software will help you stay compliant with the Spam Act and make sure your emails won't land in the Junk folder.

We make creating and sending your own email marketing campaigns so simple that you will wish you had done it sooner! 

All-in-one email marketing software

campaign monitor logoe-CBD's email marketing software of choice is Campaign Monitor, the perfect platform for business owners looking to send beautiful looking email campaigns, newsletters, special promotions and autoresponders to their contacts and customers.

Manage your database efficiently and view essential statistics about your email campaign including who opened, clicked or forwarded your email. Find out more about Campaign Monitor's features below.

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

email marketing software examples

Campaign Monitor Features

Create and send stunning email campaigns.
e-CBD can create you a beautiful email template that's designed to match your website or branding. You can also make your own email campaigns using the step-by-step campaign builder, or choose from and customise over 35 pre-designed email templates. Once you have your email template, adding and editing new content is easy!

Easy contact management.
Add people to your contact lists one-by-one or import a list from any CRM dashboard, email platform or database using a point and click web-based interface. Did we mention you can have an unlimited amount of contact lists?

"Hands free" follow up with autoresponders.
Follow up with prospects automatically and on time using personalised auto-responders while increasing response rates and conversion rates.

Personalise your email campaigns.
Personalise every email you send with your contact's details such as their name, company details, interests and other personal information. Send targeted emails to your contacts based on their interests and previous history using custom filters, list segments and personalization options.

Add subscriber forms on your website.
Generate leads directly from your website by including a signup or subscription form on your site. You can also include a tick box on your regular contact form and have each subscriber automatically added to a new list in Campaign Monitor.

Automatic integrated 'bounce' management.
Processed bounced emails across your lists automatically and even define your own bounce rules.

Track click-throughs and email opens.
Improve and optimise your email campaigns by tracking open rates and click-through rates over time, as well as detailed per-campaign reports and statistics. You can even see where in the world a contact has opened an email using the Worldwide View!

Extensive analytics and data.
You can integrate your campaign with Google Analytics, compare success between email campaigns, track conversions, manage your unsubscribers and bounce list, plus see who opened, clicked, shared or forwarded the emails.

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