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Australia's first online property exchange

To coincide with DomaCom’s "Bid For The Block" crowdfunding campaign in 2016, we created a dedicated and customised sub-site on their existing Wordpress corporate website. This part of the site has been designed to present the information in a fun and visual way that is appealing to the show’s fans, while still explaining fractional property investments in a professional and easy to understand manner.

The appearance, branding and imagery of the "Bid For The Block" portion of the DomaCom website was also designed to maintain a consistent message and visual theme to tie in with the digital marketing efforts on social media and paid advertising, creating a coherent digital journey for potential funders. Find out more here:

Technical Specifications

Client: DomaCom
Industry: Property & Investment
Location: Australia
Completed: February 2015
Technology: Standards Compliant xHTML, Standards Compliant CSS, Javascript
Solutions: Content Management System, Mobile Responsive
Web Address: