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Learn 5 tips to improve your business' social media marketing

Social Media Tip #1

Make it about them, not you.

We said this last week about email marketing, but it's the same for Facebook and social media in general. With everything you do, make sure your audience gets some value out of every bit of communication. They don't care as much about your business as you think!

Social Media Tip #2

Ask questions.

People love having input on what you're doing - ask them advice on new products or services you're thinking about introducing, and poll them on hot topics relevant to what you do.

Social Media Tip #3


The social media world changes all the time and there are new apps every week. Read the blogs the experts read, Mashable, Social Media Examiner, and Jeff Bullas' blog are good places to start.

Social Media Tip #4

Use Facebook advertising and LinkedIn advertising.

It's super cheap and you can target people based on their interests, or their job title. Facebook is great for unique products, LinkedIn is especially great for B2B.

Social Media Tip #5

Listen and engage.

Setup Twitter and Google alerts for your business and know what to say if someone talks about you, whether it's good or bad. Or, use a service like Dialogix, our social media monitoring tool, to give you detailed feedback on what's being said about your brand and industry.

More Social Media Marketing Tips

Examples of Great Facebook Pages

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