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Managing your own Business Page on Facebook is a great way to convey timely marketing messages and more importantly connect and engage with your customers and fan base.

Do I need to have a personal Facebook account?

Not necessarily, however it is highly recommended that you do have an account to start with because without a personal profile, you'll be rather limited in how you can use Facebook on behalf of your business (for example, you won't be able to comment on other pages or use the search function).

Another reason is that having a personal page gets you familiar with using Facebook, the news feed and its main elements: Likes, Comments and Shares.

Let's Begin!

The first step is to visit the following page:

Then you are greeted with some options for the type of page you wish to choose. For a Small business in one location you will want to choose "Local Business or Place". For a larger business with multiple locations you will want to choose "Company, Organization, or Institution".

Choose Facebook business page options

There are other options which may apply to you but most businesses will fit into those two categories.

Customising your Facebook page

Now that you have created your page you will want to update your profile details, add a Cover Photo & profile image, and add some interactive content.

First you want to go to the ‘Edit Page’ section on the top right.Add your cover image

This will bring up many options and settings related to your page.

Fill in as much as you can in the Basic Information tab to make sure your page is informative.

Facebook will prompt you to add images, your founding date, milestones and they'll even invite you on a virtual tour so you can learn about your available options straight away.

There are also many options for pre-made apps that you can add to your page, but if you have an idea for a new Facebook app you can ask us to develop the app for you!

Handy tips and things to investigate

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Business Page Designs & Custom Apps

e-CBD can create custom apps for your business page that will increase engagement between you and your fans, as well as giving your page an interactive element. Whether you want to run a competition, offer a coupon or include your multiple locations on global map, we can help you. Contact our social media team today.

See example of some of our Custom Facebook Solutions

Business Facebook Page Examples

See example of some of our Facebook Cover Photos

The possibilities are endless! Contact e-CBD to discuss your Facebook project, call 1300 733 088.

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