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Social Media Workshop
Facebook & Twitter for Business

Come one come all! Social media marketing is here to save the day! 100% free, takes only a few short minutes a day and cures whatever marketing ills ail ya' ...

Heard this one before?

Truth of the matter is Social Media Marketing is FREE, isn't rocket surgery BUT it won't cure all your marketing ills.

If social media is the tool you need to market your business, you have to use it correctly. Social media is a tool, so you have to make sure it's the right one for the intended purpose to achieve the desired goal. Let me say that again - “intended purpose” + “desired goal”.

So... you're going to need to get skilled up if you're going to use these tools right? What-do-ya-know we're having an educational night on Social Media Marketing (see how I did that?). We're going to give you actionable ideas and strategy for using Facebook and Twitter to help market your business.

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What's on the menu:

Facebook & Twitter For Business

Jesse PalmerJesse Palmer (our Nashville transplant) will be sharing real world tips on using Facebook & Twitter to promote and market your business. Jesse recently wrote an excellent series of articles on online reputation management which you should take a look at. Jesse enjoys craft-beers, the beach & small guitars with 4 strings (ukulele).

  • Real world tips to follow and implement
  • Social media strategies that increase engagement

Facebook Advertising

Luke GarfieldLuke Garfield will be sharing insights into using Facebook Ads to increase your Facebook profile’s reach as well as market your products and services "socially" via Facebook ads. Luke is the Search Engine Marketing Manager at e-CBD and uses a whip and a chair to tame the other rowdy internet marketing specialists.

  • How social ads can be a cheaper alternative to regular Pay Per Click & Facebook ads
  • How to write strong ad copy that converts

Effective Google Places & Directory Listings

Kristina KosticKristina Kostic will share some exceptional insights and tips for creating an "all-killer-no-filler" listing on Google Places and other free directories. Kristina has to be one of the most qualified people to share these insights as she moderates and approves listings for 10 established online directories and has seen it all, she's also super nice and friendly.

  • Google Places listing tips and advice
  • How to create a good directory listing (and where to go)

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Location: Bond University, University Club RoomUniversity Drive, Robina
Time: 5:30pm Start, 7.30pm Question Time, 8.00pm Finish. Arrive early for coffee, tea & refreshments, and great networking opportunities.
Cost: $75 per person
For bookings of 2 or more, please call us on 07 5531 3810 for a group discount
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