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Cafe Marketing – How to Do it Right


I just got this email newsletter from my brother’s cafe. He has no formal training in integrated marketing communications, but bloody hell, he’s doing a good job at it. I’ve made some notes below on why it’s such a great newsletter. Have a read…

Hey everyone,

It’s been a week or two since our last update and it is definitely time for a new business of the week.

[Regular updates are great, especially if they add value to the readers]

In about 20 minutes, we are going to be changing our single origin roast to a Columbian Supremo. This Smooth and mellow bean has been roasted a bit darker this week and it is giving off this amazing caramelized citrus flavour. Usually a fairly acidic coffee, roasting this a bit further has given it that sweet caramel that it needed and the mouth feel is thick and delicious! One espresso wasn’t enough and I fear that I’ll have too many while trying to chase that flavour again.

[Bang, straight up you can tell this guy loves his coffee, so you trust his opinion, and there’s something timely right at the top to keep regular readers interested. News in a newsletter, fancy that.]

For the coffee adventurists, I have got my hands on a blend called ‘The mother of all coffees’. This is packed full of a wickedly strong Robusta and it is going to knock your socks off! If you feel like a big perk to your morning, come in and ask for some. It won’t be available to the public but I will let you in on my private stash! 🙂 I just spent a week in Melbourne and I’m proud to say that the coffee we are getting roasted for us is well up there with some of the countries finest. I dragged my girlfriend around the cities laneways in an espresso nirvana and found some great little eateries; if you are heading down that way soon, drop in and ask me where to get lost in the city, you won’t be disappointed.

[Helpful, personal; this is value. This guy actually cares about you and your love of coffee. You won’t find this level of personalisation at a Starbucks]

This week’s Business card winner is Linda McKewin from Style Magazines. Linda needs to contact either by email, in person or by phone to claim her 5 FREE DRINKS. Remember, you need to read these emails to be in the running for the free drinks and if you have ever placed your card in the draw or if you receive these emails, you are still in the running to win them for yourself.

[What a great touch – promoting the business that wins your lucky business card draw to your whole mailing list. It’s a win-win situation and a real incentive to enter.]

This months Trivia night is this Thursday night and it is booked out already. We had an amazing response after the last one and were booked out two weeks ago. If you want to be involved in July’s event, then get in touch with us soon and book your team of four.

[Trivia nights are lesson one in Cafe Marketing 101, clearly it’s working too, turning a usually slow night into a packed event. This isn’t a desperate plea for someone to come, it’s a genuine word of advice that you’d better book early]

Ok, I’ll let you get back to work now, Remember though to sign up to our twitter page for daily specials on coffee and food.

[A Cafe on Twitter isn’t anything new, but Dave is doing it particularly well, offering daily specials for those who stay tuned. He tells me it’s working really well too – the Twitter followers feel like they’re part of a special tribe]


Dave Granfield [owner]

Star Gardentown Cafe

Cnr. Margaret & Victoria St

p. 4637 8744

[Nice work bro!]

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3 Responses to Cafe Marketing – How to Do it Right

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the comments… I’d love to add that the local paper just ran a story on me as well, just to show how Twitter and social media can help small business…
    So, will you have a position for me within your agency in my after cafe life?

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