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Measuring the Value of Twitter


I just published a quick post on Twitter’s new ‘Twitter 101 for Business Guide‘ but I thought I’d make special mention of their measuring advice – this is straight from the website in the best practices section. It’s quite good:

Before you set up measurement tools, focus on the quality of your engagement, and use your gut to check how things are going. How’s the feedback and interaction with your followers? Are you responding to most or your @messages? Are most tweets about you positive? Or if they started out largely negative, are they coming around? Are more people beginning to engage with you and mention your company?

Next, think about quantifying your experience. Although it can be tricky to add up the value of relationships, Twitter does lend itself to measurement in a few ways—especially if you’ve already defined what you hope will be different for your company in three months, six months or a year if you succeed on Twitter. Tactics like these can then help you assess your progress in meeting that goal:

  • Keep a tally of questions answered, customer problems resolved and positive exchanges held on Twitter. Do the percentages change over time?
  • When you offer deals via Twitter, use a unique coupon code so that you can tell how many people take you up on that Twitter-based promotion. If you have an online presence, you can also set up a landing page for a promotion, to track not only click-throughs but further behavior and conversions.
  • Use third-party tools to figure out how much traffic your websites are receiving from Twitter.
  • Track click-throughs on any link you post in a tweet. Some URL shortening services let you track click-throughs.
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