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Google Insights: making strategy obvious since 2004


We were doing some research for a food client this afternoon. They want everyone to buy their product (it’s a fruit) but can’t afford to spend a gazillion dollars raising awareness above the line. If I had my way I’d get them to pay a bunch of celebrities to start spruiking  the ‘insert fruit name here’ diet on Rove and Sunrise, but sadly (and for the greater good of humankind) that’s not going to happen. Luckily they don’t need to do that anyway. With five years of search data setting a rock-solid precedent the spike in ‘recipe’ searches on Google caused by MasterChef is impossible to ignore. The strategy is obvious. Gosh I love digital.

Google Insights Data - Recipes

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2 Responses to Google Insights: making strategy obvious since 2004

  1. Bill says:

    yo matt . . . been hanging for your latest blog entry . . . so for us simpletons, can you give us a hint as to the strategy?

  2. Hi Bill, thanks for dropping by 🙂 There is a large spike in people searching for recipies in general and the data correlates with an increase in people searching for recipes involving this fruit. We’re going to jump on the bandwagon and develop a strategy to target this market. Search will play a part obviously, but we’ll also go after the key influencers (food bloggers) and give them tools and incentive to spread the word about the fruit to their friends. The key part is getting the right tools and incentives of course, but that’s where we earn our keep 🙂

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