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The Content Dilemma – Choosing Social Media Channels


img_0071So I’ve been in Sydney. It was a business trip and a personal trip. I like taking photos, I like writing, I like tid-bits of information. I’ve got a pile of stuff to share from the last week but it’s going to take me days as I file everything in the appropriate channel. My business friends don’t want to see photos of my Grandma, I don’t want my Grandma to see pics of me at Splendour in the Grass on the weekend but I don’t want to bore my friends with business stuff. I have more Facebook friends than people I’ve actually met, I can’t be arsed emailing people pics of scenic drives because they’re not that interesting but I want to store them somewhere publicly because I know there are others that will want to see them, but I’m not prolific enough to have a Flickr channel. 140 characters isn’t always enough and I like to keep this blog reasonably formal and focussed on the social media side of marketing. Tumblr is looking like a contender, but then I’ve got to start another new channel and I’m starting to spread myself thin and I dont want to focus my energy on something that no-one pays any real attention to.

Perhaps I’m not GenY enough to be this social. Perhaps I should get into scrap-booking.

Zac Martin, what would you do?

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4 Responses to The Content Dilemma – Choosing Social Media Channels

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  2. Kruppy says:

    So true. What a 21st century dilemma. I have made a conscious decision this year to leave Facebook as my social network and have Twitter and Linked in as my proffessional networks.

    So splendour photos smell like Facebook to me. Great social media articles and info relating to your business you can probably leave to those networks you define as professional networks. And your grandma photos, well those can probably stay in a folder in the personal drive – that is unless she came with you to splendour. Then they belong on Facebook.

  3. Zac Martin says:

    I’m not sure if you can call being too social as a dilemma, but I think it all comes down to how you’ve established and maintained your social networks.

    For the most part, my Facebook is just my friends, people I’ve met a number of times and have an ongoing relationship. If you meet me once at a party, I’ll reject your invite for Friendship. Likewise if I don’t talk to you for three months, you’ve got the boot. I’m really strict as to who’s on my Facebook account and more than once it’s come back to bite me but I think it’s worth being a little protective.

    However, I have noticed over the past few months, people like yourself have crept onto my Facebook page, which I am very weary of but have started to let a few people through, like yourself, Jye Smith etc who I know seeing my drunk photos isn’t going to hurt.

    As for Twitter, it’s pretty much anything goes. I’ll follow anyone I want as long as they’re interesting and I have my tweets set to public, so I’m almost always considerate of the fact that anyone could see them.

    LinkedIn I tend to only use for industry people who I’ve been in contact with, however this is more of a contacts list than a social network for me.

    I’m not on Flickr nor Thumblr, so perhaps it’s me who’s not Gen Y enough for this conversation.

    Or maybe you need to realise your pictures just aren’t that interesting and no one wants to see them, hehe. ;]

  4. Martin says:

    I share your dilemma.

    Check this out as a possible solution

    All you need is some string, a bit of balsa wood and some glue ๐Ÿ™‚

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