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Social Media Club Sydney – Measuring Social Media


I had a ball speaking at Social Media Club Sydney’s measuring social media event last night. I’d describe the sound as shabby, but shabby sounds kind of soft and warm, like a pile of clothes lying next to an over-flowing Vinnies bin. The audience could be forgiven for thinking we were in Town Hall station, or as @leehopkins put it ‘I’ve heard better train announcements’. Nevertheless, the organisers did a great job pulling everything together under trying conditions and it was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people.

The brief I had was to spend no more than 5 minutes talking about measuring social media in general using a Powerpoint presentation. I’m not sure what the audience was expecting, and I didn’t know what level of knowledge to assume, so I put together a quick presentation detailing how advertising, PR and Digital campaigns have traditionally been measured and how you can apply similar metrics to social media.

Here ’tis.

Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss!

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2 Responses to Social Media Club Sydney – Measuring Social Media

  1. Zanne or "hot PR chick in your presentation" says:

    Awesome preso Matt! I seem to learn something, while being entertained, every single time you write/present/eat lunch.

  2. Jojo says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation for SMCSYD even when dodgy sound and even when you mentioned the ‘chick from PR’ and the people around me pointed at me saying “that’s you” like I was some kind of freak on show:)

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