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Online Reputation Management Guide


With the rise of Google+, Twitter and the behemoth that is Facebook it looks like the social internet is here to stay. People use social sites like these everyday. Heck, most 20-somethings check their Facebook feed before even getting out of bed in the morning!

Today more people are turning to the internet and their friends on social sites for trusted recommendations for businesses and products. If you run a business and you’re not engaging in a social network or two then you’re missing out on some very valuable opportunities to turn your customers opinion of you from this:

angry customer

Photo by Milqito

to this:

happy customer

Photo by daphenator

After reading through our 5 part* guide you’ll know what online reputation management is and learn real actionable items of how to do it yourself.

*Bonus Reputation Management Article

Qantas Facebook Announcement

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3 Responses to Online Reputation Management Guide

  1. We use Google Alerts for our clients. They get alerts sent to their emails when ever someone is talking about their company and/or name.

  2. Great list! I recommend everyone read this thoroughly, it’s full of actionable tips and you’ll get a few good laughs out of it too.

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