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How to Sell Social Media to Your Boss (or client)


Cassie from account service: Hey Matt, whatever you’re doing on theĀ  (insert client name) account STOP, like now. They’ve just looked at their budget and they don’t think they can afford any digital any more. They’ll front the concept fee as agreed, but they don’t want to do any social media stuff because they don’t even know how they’re going to afford the TVCs.

Me: I see…

Cassie from account service: Yeah, sorry

Me: F@#$ that. We’re presenting anyway. I’m going to convince them they need a social media campaign.

Cassie from account service: Oh… Umm.. OK

The problem is, we’ve got a cracking idea which is going to work so well for this particular client (a major charity who has an event and wants to top Movember in terms of brand recognition and participation) that I’m not going to let it go.

@davidgillespie sent me this link the other day. It’s a fan-bloody-tastic presentation on the business justification for social media and I’m making everyone watch it. I will report back.

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