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Grill’d, and How to Get People to Blog About You


This blog has nothing to do with food and I’ve made it a personal policy to never use it as a soapbox for complaint. I’ve had some crap customer service experiences lately and it was tempting to have a whinge here under the guise of how they’re bad examples of ‘marketing’, but that would be silly.

Grill’d, on the other hand, deserve digital kudos (there’s a good domain name). They are brilliant. They took my order over the phone last night and didn’t even ask for a phone number. Even though I sounded tired and possibly a little tipsy after moving house, they just presumed I’d turn up. The burger was delicious, as they always are. It was well-priced. The staff were lovely. The website is cool. Nice work Grill’d. If you’re hungry, and you live near a Grill’d, go there.

There’s a few ways to get people to blog about you. Making them hate you is one. Doing things right is another. It’s no wonder there are more than 200 photos about them on Flickr too.

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2 Responses to Grill’d, and How to Get People to Blog About You

  1. Tim Burrowes says:

    Slightly off your main point, but your no-score-settling-on-bad-service is a really interesting point. I must admit, in the past I’ve vented mightily (and twittered) against Telstra. It made me feel better, but achieved nothing and was probably a tad self indulgent too…

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