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Facebook and CNN: an Interesting Marriage


Two of my best mates have both just got back from holidays on seperate coasts of the United States of A. (Interestingly both of them are marketing geniuses in their chosen (search-related) fields, but neither of them have a Twitter account or a Blog. That’s beside the point of this article, but it’s interesting nonetheless).

Both of them have spent extended periods of time in America before but they said buzz surrounding Obama’s inaugaration was deafening. I was lucky enough to be in the US during the 2004 election and that was an amazing experience in itself, but I get the feeling, as I’m sure you do, that the country is currently going through a once-in-a-lifetime process of change.

If you’re media-savvy you’ll know all about Obama’s use of social media channels throughout his election campaign, but it seems even CNN have seen the light at the end of the modem and in a move that seemed to come from left field, the global news giant teamed up with Facebook to provide cross-channel coverage of the inauguration via Facebook Connect. I hadn’t heard anything about it, but according to my two sources, it was all over the press in the US. I have no opinion on the subject, but it’s a really interesting marriage, particularly given the convergance of marketing, journalism and social media communities in Australia.

Read the Facebook blog if you’re interested in what they got up top and why, or check out this nice summary from The Guardian.

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