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Banks, Blogs and Big Brother


On Wednesday at 11am I have a meeting with the head of marketing at one of the major Australian banks. My company and I are going to put some pieces of paper on the table with a list of their 200 most powerful, most active online influencers. They will be ranked in terms of industry, brand and social authority and we will have their contact details, their cities, in most cases their photos, and in some cases, their addresses, all taken from the public domain. They will have all talked about the banking sector in some way in the last 12 months and we will have judged that they have a high propensity to engage others in dialogue. Their potential reach will have been measured, analysed and calculated. We are a marketing firm; this is what we do.

What would you do with a list of 200 people whose opinions could shape the way a bank did business in 2009?

What if you were on that list?

What if the bank cross-checked that list against their own customer database?

Welcome to your future.

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4 Responses to Banks, Blogs and Big Brother

  1. Zac Martin says:

    Wow, good questions that I don’t really think I could answer.

    Interestingly, what are they going to do with the address? Just because you can get it of Whois doesn’t mean you can send stuff to it. =P

  2. Paul says:

    That’s bloody clever, but still a little evil.

  3. Jye Smith says:

    Love it.

    Work out what my brand meant to them (if anything). Step one.

  4. Zoe Scaman says:

    Sounds like you and i are on the same page – the future is social media monitoring.
    I am doing the exact same thing for my client – a large Australian Bank.

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