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Microsoft Enters Social Media Monitoring Space


Microsoft have announced they’re running out a social media monitoring tool called ‘looking glass’. They made the announcement at a conferece and posted about it on their blog. Here’s what they said:

“LookingGlass is part of a broader shift under way within the platform strategy group. For the past two years, the group has been driving strategy around how to move marketing and advertising into the software-plus-services arena. “The proof-of-concept we wanted to build was to connect business data with advertising data and bring social media into the equation,” Tisdale told us. That way you can mine social media sites for information and then use that information to act. “If you do that, it settles a hot topic and makes things actionable that weren’t actionable before.”

The first step in making social media data useable is listening to the conversation. LookingGlass, which is built on a number of Microsoft technologies, lets users track customer sentiment across an array of social media sites. For example, the Zune HD marketing team could use LookingGlass to see what users are saying about the product in real time on Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube. Using technology from Microsoft Research, LookingGlass automatically rates each posting as positive or negative, so the Zune HD team could rank comments according to sentiment and see how customers are responding to the product and the campaign to sell it.”

It’s no secret that I’m behind a successful Australian social media monitoring tool called Dialogix. You’d think I’d be worried about Microsoft encroaching my space, but I’m not. They’re going to spend money educating the marketplace about the need for social media monitoring. Then they’ll bundle it in with their other products so you need Outlook or something more obscure to use it. They’ll claim they can rate sentiment accurately and they’ll stuff it up. I couldn’t be happier. Good on them though 🙂

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