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Small Business Marketing – The Book


I’m writing a book about small business marketing. It would be called ‘The Small Business Marketing Bible’, except this guy already took that title. There are already quite a few books on the subject, hell, there’s even a dummies version, but no-one seems to have written a great book from an Australian perspective with an up-to-date and truly insightful section on online marketing as far as I can tell. Sure, there’s plenty of chatter on the Interwebs and lots of blogs about the subject, but I can’t find anything in print that acts as a complete, effective guide full of case studies, professional ‘theory’, practical advice, interviews and, gasp, research on ALL aspects of small business marketing.

Having run a number of my own successful small businesses over the last decade, and with an entire family all doing the same (my brother runs a cafe, my parents have built and sold about 5 vastly different successful small businesses in their time and virtually all of my other friends and relatives either own, or work in small businesses) I’ve got a wealth of practical experience to draw on, not to mention the knowledge I’ve gained from studying marketing at uni and working with and consulting for the marketing departments of some of the largest companies and organisations in Australia.

I’m still very much at the research stage but I think my table of contents is almost complete. I haven’t included the topics in each chapter, but a basic overview would be:

  1. Overview
  2. Initial Research
  3. Location
  4. Defining Your Brand
  5. Writing a Marketing Plan
  6. Your Marketing Budget
  7. Your Website
  8. Advertising and Promotion Opportunities
  9. Word of Mouth Marketing
  10. Public Relations
  11. Networking
  12. Knowing and Growing Your Customer Base
  13. Marketing is Everyone’s Department
  14. Distribution Channels
  15. Creating Partnerships
  16. Franchising
  17. Marketing vs. Sales
  18. Measuring
  19. Case Studies and Marketing Tips
  20. Tips for Specific Businesses
  21. Finding Inspiration
  22. Further Reading
  23. Example Documents, Forms and Letters

If you have any ideas or initial feedback I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Matt – I am excited that you are writing a book about a niche like Australian Marketing! If you would like to chat with a book editing freak, my friend Mary Dado over at loves editing and might be willing to help…Tara

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