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“But I never click on those Ads…”
– Yes but lots of other people do.

Aside from the obvious confusion that Natural Search Marketing (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) can create (i.e. which results are paid for), which service to choose once you understand the two can also be a difficult decision. We’re here to help! We’ll help you determine which type of internet marketing to use.

But I never click on those Ads …

Yes but lots of other people do.

AdWords Sample adMany clients who come in for an SEO consult respond with the words above when we suggest PPC advertising as a strategy or interim strategy to drive quality traffic to their website. The truth of the matter is that approximately 27% of searchers do click on those ads and a good PPC campaign with suitable landing pages, copy and keywords can be a great way to drive quality, converting traffic to your website. Take a look at some of our AdWords case studies to see how we’ve helped clients harness PPC for bigger profits and quality traffic.

So which is it PPC, SEO or Both?

Here is a comparison of PPC and SEO to help you have a better understanding of the benefits of the two:

Cost Initial Costs are similar or higher than PPC Consistent Cost Budget
Suitable for All sites Most sites but some industries more suitable including:

  • e-commerce
  • service based businesses
  • building branding
  • Long term ROI is excellent
  • Broader and more inclusive
  • Immediate short term results
  • Highly targeted
  • Good for competitive industries
  • a great “stop gap” strategy while SEO is taking effect
  • Takes time to see results (3 -12 months)
  • Not as targeted for promoting specific pages
  • Can be too costly (for the budget conscious)
  • It is never going to cost you nothing for a click
  • Poorly run campaigns can waste money
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