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Kraft went to the trouble of asking people to name it’s new product and they received 43,000 responses. Tick.

They then decided not to ask people what they thought the best name was, launched their choice of iSnack 2.0 and are now drowning in a deluge of social media hate mail.

They began the naming process by engaging. They finished it by ignoring us. Typical.


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5 Responses to #vegefail

  1. Gavin Heaton says:

    And yet it could have been so easy to have the vegemite lovers vote on their favourite name. This would have generated more interest as well as a sense of participation. Lost opportunity. I’m seeing it more and more.

  2. Jaimee Latta says:

    That’s the most important point that’s been made I think. Don’t ask us what we think then ignore us. If the Australian public had’ve voted for iSnack 2.0 (although I doubt people would’ve – which is the point I guess) the backlash wouldn’t be so severe because they would’ve already secured ownership and buy-in!! What a disaster – I feel bad for the poor guy who thought he came up with a quirky name and now has the whole of Australia rubbishing his idea because a whole TEAM of qualified people didn’t have their finger on the pulse.

  3. Karalee_ says:

    Completely agree Matt. The whole ‘consumer generated name’ strategy could have been great for the new brand, if they had of continued with the participation as Gavin said. Instead, they’re faced with a PR storm, and the lack of response via the mediums that people are voicing their concerns is a shame.

    I’m waiting for the cease and desist from Kraft of the @isnack20 account. Also, the @vegemite_kraft silence is not a good thing for their ‘online engagement’…

  4. Mandi says:

    ok i’m in a bad mood so i’ll play the devil’s advocate. would anyone have claimed it a social media fail if they actually chose a good name or would it have just fallen by the wayside? i’m still not convinced this isn’t just a stunt for publicity before unveiling the real thing. who launches a product without having cartons of it ready to purchase right there and then?

    meanwhile, i’d be interested to know what’s going on behind the scenes at ben & jerry’s right now (p.s please choose my entry!)

  5. Mandi says:

    and when i say social media fail, i mean UGC fail. i’ll go crawl back under my rock now.

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