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Anyone who thinks their customers don't use the Internet should look out their window…



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7 Responses to Anyone who thinks their customers don't use the Internet should look out their window…

  1. Nathan Bush says:

    Very cool. I think Brisbane should be very wary of your new pad and those extra powerful binoculars.

  2. Zac Martin says:

    Nice. I wish I had more ideas and posts like these.

    Anywho, just because your customers use the Internet, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a part of any relevant community or conversations about you. The internet may be flooded, doesn’t mean the water tastes any good.

  3. But of course Zac. Forget about communities, the point is, 75% of Australians are online. Companies have no excuses, no matter how big or small they are. People transact and research online. I had a meeting with two 50-60-something senior partners at KPMG last month and they were skeptical about how much their clients were using the Internet, until they realised how much they used the Internet.

  4. Stilgherrian says:

    Matt, I’m astounded that senior partners at KPMG are unaware of what’d be happening in their clients’ businesses. Isn’t their job to keep abreast of this stuff?

    • It’s not so much that they weren’t aware of what’s happening in their client’s businesses, more that they had trouble getting their heads around the proliferation of the Internet into the everyday lives of their clients.

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