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Ten ESSENTIAL Slideshare Presentations for Marketers


The presenter would have prepared for weeks; researched diligently and practiced five times the night before, just to make sure everything went according to plan. No stone would have been left unturned. No ‘t’ would have been un-crossed. No ‘i’ left un-dotted.

Presentation day would have arrived. Seats would have been arranged. A screen erected at the front. The presenter would have turned up, ready to begin; a glass of water beside the lecturn; a hot cup of instant coffee on standby.

Marker pens would have been in hand, ready to highlight the important points; a few carefully-practised hand shadow animals would have lurking in the wings, ready to storm the virtual stage should the crowd require some half-time entertainment. A strange bunch of clear plastic sheets would have been piled neatly on the table, but they would have drawn negligible attention, because they were dwarfed by the strangest looking lamp the admin assistant had ever seen. The year was 1957.

“What’s that?” She would have asked (excuse my misogyny, I’ve been watching too much Mad Men).

“It’s an overhead projector,” the presenter would have announced proudly. “It’s the latest in presentation technology.”

The admin assistant would have nodded.

“Is there anything I can get you then before you begin, Mr Presenter?” She would have asked

“Yes,” Mr Presenter would have said. “I need a power point?”

“Power point?” She would have asked, a puzzled look on her face. “Well, there is one, but it’s way over there in the back of the room. If you want people to see your presentation I’ll need to get you an extension cord.”

Powerpoint, of course, the Microsoft version, spelled the end of the overhead projector back in the early nineties., has spelled the end of the extension cord.

Here are ten brilliant presentations you need to watch if you want to be a better marketer.

Shift Happens

A look at how globalisation and digital technology has changed our world.

View more presentations from Jeff Brenman. (tags: sociology future)

Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3

This is the Social Media Research done by Universal Mccann including 17,000 people in 29 countries. Detailed stuff

What the F**K is Social Media?

Social media for dummies; with swearing.

Visual and Creative Thinking:What We Learned From Peter Pan and Willy Wonka

Visual concepts for marketers – how to express yourself visually, handy if you’re presenting…

Big Brands & Facebook: Demographics, Case Studies & Best Practices

Forrester’s advice on Facebook. Very worthy if you’re getting asked about it.

View more presentations from Charlene Li. (tags: gsp07 facebook)

Luxury Brand Marketing

Relevant because it’s about creating a desire for things no-one needs; something every marketer has to do sooner or later!

View more presentations from imootee. (tags: luxury brand)

Great Quotes To Use & Repeat When You Can’t Find A Better Way Of Saying It

The title kind of says it all – the layout isn’t much, but they’re great quotes!

View more presentations from Tom Himpe. (tags: quotes advertising)

Seth Godin on Tribes

Haven’t got time to read the book? Here’s the picture version, yay!

View more presentations from sethgodin. (tags: book tribes)

NASA – GenY Perspectives

Why does NASA care about Gen Y? Because Gen Y will be giving them 124 billion dollars to poke around places no-one can see. You can bet they’ve done their research into engaging the kiddies.

View more presentations from ashwinl. (tags: geny generation)

Marketing Management By Philip Kotler

Go back and remember the stuff you forgot from marketing school: 719 slides from the 11th edition of the textbook.

View more presentations from taquilla. (tags: philip sales)
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  1. Thanks for the great collection…..and I’m glad you returned to Twitter as that is where I saw the link!

  2. Nick Crocker says:

    Ah – Matt Granfield back to his brilliant best.

    Great post.

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