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25 Top Marketing and Social Media Blogs


Here’s a list of 25 top marketing and social media blogs. It comes from a guy called Mack who makes lists of blogs every now and then based on how many people subscribe to them. It’s by no means definitive, but there are some gems in here. Have a browse if you’re bored or looking for inspiration.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing
  2. Church of the Customer
  3. CopyBlogger
  4. Search Engine Guide
  5. Chris Brogan
  6. Influential Marketing
  7. Logic + Emotion
  8. Converstations
  9. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  10. The Viral Garden
  11. Experience Curve
  12. Conversation Agent
  13. Techipedia
  14. The Social Media Marketing Blog
  15. Emergence Marketing
  16. The Social Customer Manifesto
  17. Techno Marketer
  18. Social Media Explorer
  19. Movie Marketing Madness
  20. Daily Fix
  21. Customers Rock!
  22. Shotgun Marketing
  23. Resonance Partnership Blog
  24. MediaPhyter
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