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Five Marketing Books You Must Read


Read these five books and you’ll know more about social media and the state of marketing today than everyone else in your marketing department/ad agency/lectures/company/circle of friends/blogroll/pub.

  1. Purple Cow – Seth Godin’s most-famous work explains how ‘remarkable’ has changed the way marketers must think about the world and the products they spruik.
  2. The Cluetrain Manifesto – Explains why your market is smarter than you thought it was and how people’s expectations of marketers have changed.
  3. Join the Conversation – Joseph Jaffe wrote the book on word of mouth and social media marketing and this is it. It’s an eye-opener for anyone wanting an overview of what this whole social media marketing thing is about and why it applies to pretty much everyone.
  4. Conversational Capital – Bertrand Cesvet explains how to create stuff people love to talk about – a hugely important lesson when you’re trying to market the (seemingly) unremarkable.
  5. The Long Tail – Chris Anderson’s seminal work on how the Internet has created infinite supply and infinite demand is a must-read for anyone scratching their heads and wondering where the world has got to.
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2 Responses to Five Marketing Books You Must Read

  1. Thanks for this list! I have read Purple Cow, and will be sure to check out the others!

  2. Nathan Bush says:

    I was secretly eyeing off that batch of books above your desk yesterday. Was going to ask you for some recommendations but you’ve read my mind.

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