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Five Brilliant (Free) Social Media Marketing Ideas


1. Start a Twitter account and give people incentives to follow you. The more topical the better – it keeps people interested and they’ll stay tuned. Like this:


2. Use Google’s keyword tool to find whatever keywords related to your business are being search for the most. Blog about them and Make videos about them. Make them entertaining. Watch your web traffic go through the roof. Like this:


3. Become an expert, start a blog and use your knowledge for good. Industry secrets don’t exist anymore. If you try and keep them to yourself someone else will trump you. We’re operating in a knowledge-based economy. Be the fountain of knowledge, be prolific and people will turn to you, and when they turn to you, you can start relationships with them (you know what I mean, don’t be rude). If you can’t write, podcast it. If you can’t talk, make videos out of it. Make claymation. Do something, don’t just sit there hoping people will come to you because you know so much. Publish. It’s free.


4. Start a Facebook group that people will want to join and subtly sponsor it. Don’t just start a fan page for your business, create a community that people want to be involved in. If you sell surfboards, create a fan page for six foot waves. If you sell wedding photography create a page for people who hooked up with a bridesmaid and are proud of it. If you sell candles start a Facebook group for people who are afraid of the dark. Like this:


5. Figure out whoever the key influencers are for whatever it is you’re selling. Read their blogs and leave comments on them regularly. Proper ones. Ones that make them feel loved. They’ll get to know who you are and then when you want to sell something you won’t have to make a bunch of new friends. Never forget thatthe purpose of a conversation with a new friend is not to sell something. It’s to have another conversation. Seth Godin told me that. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what you’re selling.


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2 Responses to Five Brilliant (Free) Social Media Marketing Ideas

  1. Mieka White says:

    Fantastic tips! I am keen on getting in contact with bloggers in my clients’ industry. I found this great list today for food bloggers. Does anyone know a similar list for fashion bloggers?


  2. Kudos to you!

    Very informative post. I loved it. I am going to incorporate some of these tips for myself. I’m not too keen on points 4 and 5 for myself, but I agree that they are very good ideas.

    Number 3 is, perhaps, my favorite. I’d add that you should let your personality (your voice) be a key factor that supports your genius. You don’t want to be just a “know-it-all”, but a likeable “know-it-all”.


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