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Twitter vs Facebook Growth in Australia: June 08-09


I just made this for a pitch presentation and thought I’d share. It’s staggering.


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4 Responses to Twitter vs Facebook Growth in Australia: June 08-09

  1. Janelle says:

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, staggering, but is it a case of ‘statistics, statistics and more damn lies’? Is Twitter simply playing catch-up to Facebook’s staggering growth stats for 2008? Simply starting to come close to the reach Facebook has already established? This graph suggests that Twitter is rapidly approaching/already has more accounts that Facebook – I’d be curious to know if this was the case.


    • Matt Granfield says:

      Twitter is most certainly playing catchup Janelle – it had 800,000 Australian people using the site in June, while Facebook had around 6,000,000. The point is, Facebook isn’t growing anywhere near as much as it was last year, but everyone knows where it is now. Twitter is on a huge growth curve, so brands should be thinking about getting on board. The chart was made to illustrate that point to a client.

  2. Hi Matt – great graphic. I think it’s interesting that 800,000 Aussies are now on Twitter. I tend to think that those people you use Twitter tend to be more open to many aspects of being in an online community (at least) and probably are more inclined to participate more in human communities thereafter (I noticed you recently ran a breaky in brisibane! Awesome)

    The key becomes, therefore, not just getting on board from a technical perspective (ie. You should get a Twitter account) but more so from the participation side. Clients/orgs/business are not currently built for the kind of transparency Twitter demands for success…but having orgs sign up I a great way to progress them on that path. Facebook, despite it larger growth, didn’t really achieve that. Brands just created groups/fan/app pages which serveda little like electronic shopping mall demonstrations. Great fo a while but still just what they wanted to tell you…

    Blah blah, anyways – great graph ๐Ÿ™‚

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