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A business report commissioned by Google Australia has revealed what we already knew; small business embracing digital and developing an online presence are far more likely to succeed. Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by Google Australia to gain an insight … Continue reading

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So you want to add video content to your website. Maybe a video to show users how to use your product, testimonials, or perhaps a commercial showing your products and services? That’s a great idea! But it’s not so simple. … Continue reading

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E-Commerce can be frustrating if you look at your analytics and see your visitors put something in the cart and then leave without completing a transaction. Or worse, leave during the last step of the transaction. Why did they bail? … Continue reading

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With the rise of Google+, Twitter and the behemoth that is Facebook it looks like the social internet is here to stay. People use social sites like these everyday. Heck, most 20-somethings check their Facebook feed before even getting out … Continue reading

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You’ve been monitoring online sentiment, you’ve even started responding to negative content, but there’s still some lingering items on the search engine results page (SERP) that you’d rather not have your users see. Remove Negative Webpages From Your SERP It’s … Continue reading

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There’s nothing worse than getting a bad product / service, complaining about it, and then getting the cold shoulder from the company that wronged you. By not having reputation management in place that company probably just lost you, all your … Continue reading

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In the same vein as our SEO advice tweets, we’ve compiled all of our “website tips” tweets made over the past few months in one place for you to read and take action on. If you’re not following us on … Continue reading

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