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Rivers – Getting Customer Service Right


I wrote to Rivers this afternoon, just the general email address from the website. I wasn’t expecting much response, despite Rivers’s reputation for being pretty ‘DIY’ and approachable. They sent me an auto-response, which is a nice start, but the way they worded it made it quite special. The formatting was terrible (I’ve pasted in html so you can see), they could lift their game there, but the words were right. I thought I’d share, because it’s a great example of a company getting their customer service oh so right (I’m not a customer by the way, just thought I’d make that disclaimer):


Your email really has been circulated to all of us senior management/ directors.

If we have our wits about us and pick up that your mail raises concerns (not covered below ) that need one of us to deal with we will do as such.

You would be amazed just how many things we fix in the business this way.


As we are trying to cut some overheads in these economic times we have generated this email that answers the most common queries which means if your query is covered by the below you will not receive an email direct from one of our customer service members…

The email goes on, but you get the idea… Nice work Rivers.

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6 Responses to Rivers – Getting Customer Service Right

  1. Bones says:

    Looks like it was writen by a work experience kid or a ESL robot. You’ve also outed yourself as shopping at rivers. That equals great shame in victoria I swear

  2. Actually bones, I think it looks like it was written by a manager who gave a shit.

    And, no offence to Rivers or anyone who does shop there, I did quite clearly say in the first paragraph “I’m not a customer by the way, just thought I’d make that disclaimer”.

  3. Bones says:

    damn the iphone. First time I’ve looked on blogs on it and couldn’t really read everything. kept moving the screen around and all I could see was spelling mistakes and weird turns of phrase of the two sentences I could read. I read it now and it looks fine, really bizarre. technology. can’t live with it.

  4. Isaac says:

    The lack of perfection is probably a little endearing. You’d rather get that sort of flawed but homespun response than a smooth, perfectly engineered robo-reply, I’m guessing.

  5. Bones says:

    Yer yer totally. It’s funny what difference a couple of words makes to humanise these these and it’s a mystery why more companies don’t see it. They get caught up in biz speak, which is almost as bad as cop speak- “the um accused personnel um were located by a civilian um with their eye sight somewhere between eighteen hundred an eighteen hundred and five hours”. Maybe not as bad then.

  6. The male person responsible for this blog expressed agreement.

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