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Clout; Breaking through the Noise, Spreading Ideas…


Image by Susan E Adams

Seth posted this:

The web knows something, but it’s not telling us, at least not yet.

The web knows how many followers you have on Twitter, how many friends you have on Facebook, how many people read your blog.

It also knows how often those people retweet, amplify and spread your ideas.

It also knows how many followers your followers have…

So, what if, Google-style, someone took all this data and figured out who has clout. Which of your readers is the one capable of making an idea break through the noise and spread? Bloggers don’t have impact because they have a lot of readers, they have a lot of impact because of who their readers are (my readers, of course, are the most sophisticated and cloutful on the entire web).

If you knew which of your followers had clout, you could invest more time and energy in personal attention. If we knew where big ideas were starting, that would be neat, and even more useful would be understanding who the key people were in bringing those new ideas to the rest of the world.

Back in the old days, we had no idea, so we defaulted to big newspapers, or magazines or the TV networks. But now we know. We just need to surface the data in a way that is useful.

The thing is, that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 12 months. Finding influencers. Setting up a tool that is the best in Australia at seeking out the people who are most likely to spread positive word of mouth about your brand. It seems to be working too. We’re using it right now to whittle a list of 30,000 random teenagers down to a list of 2,500 who will be most likely to get their friends to consume a particular product. We’re then going to invite them to a fricking awesome party. Like. Fricking. AWESOME. With big bands and a water park and stuff. The idea is that they associate this particular brand with fun and summer and everything that happens outside of school that’s cool.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I think what we’re doing is pretty unique…

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2 Responses to Clout; Breaking through the Noise, Spreading Ideas…

  1. Nick Crocker says:

    Hey Matt – This is cool. Can you surface an example of influence.

    Let’s say, comparing your influence with Julian Cole’s, Nathan Bush’s and Zac Martin’s?

    I’d be interested in seeing something like that.

  2. Hey Nick, I’ll follow this up in excruciating detail quite soon, but I think if you compared the marketing influence of me, Nath, Zack (sic), Jules and perhaps even WayCoolJnr on scale that started with Seth Godin and finished with my flatmate you’d get a very similar score. If you narrowed in a little and had to rate each one of us you’d find we’d all be dots on a scatter chart that showed we each have influence in slightly different areas. Online influence ain’t hard to calculate, you just play around with Twitter re-tweets and blog ratings, actual real-world influence is much harder. The equation for that is the Colonel’s secret recipe. I’m working on that one now 🙂

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