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Overview of Penguin & Links

Penguin OverviewSince Google released the Penguin algorithm, websites with spammy backlinks have suffered with drastic drops in rankings. In a nutshell Penguin is designed to find spammy links & devalue the sites they point to. There are many more facets to Penguin, but to keep this guide from turning into a book let’s just stick with this basic definition.

Nearly every website we’ve looked at that was hit by Penguin has hired a less than reputable SEO company at some point. That dodgy SEO company then built an obscene amount of spammy backlinks on message boards & sites no one ever visits (or hired a 3rd party in India or Russia to do it for them).

The sites that didn’t hire an SEO company fancied themselves SEOs after reading some articles and decided to build the spammy links on their own (whether they knew they were spammy or not). Continue reading

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e-CBD is proud to announce that we’re winners of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards in Environment and Sustainability for the month of May.

e-CBD awards

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Hi All,

In an effort to make sure we’re providing the services you need we’ve put together our 2014 Internet Survey to work out what’s important to you when doing business on the web. In return we’d like to give you a FREE website audit to help you see where you’re doing well and where you might need some help.
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What does your email signature say about you?

Email Signatures

First impressions count! With millions of emails circulating every day you need your emails to set your business apart.

Email signatures are a cost effective marketing tool that every business should utilise. They are your digital business card that you flash before your existing and potential customer’s eyes every time you communicate with them, setting the tone for your emails.  So a great looking email signature will make your business appear as professional as the products or services you provide. Continue reading

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It’s recently been discovered that there’s a security vulnerability that’s affected thousands of websites over the last 2 years. What’s been labelled the “Heartbleed Bug”, allows hackers who know about the glitch to secretly extract sensitive consumer information such as passwords and even credit card details.

Heartbleed Bug

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How old is the content on your site?

Update your Website ContentPeople come to your website for information – about who you are, what you do, or what you can do for them. If your content isn’t clear, easy to read or attention-grabbing, visitors will quickly assume you don’t have what they’re looking for… and leave.

Remember, someone else’s website is just another quick Google search away. Continue reading

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Do you understand your SEO reports?

SEO Case Studies

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation is the ongoing process that boosts your website’s visibility in search results for terms that relate to your business. But SEO is never simple!

There are always new systems & techniques that alter this environment. Often what was common SEO practice less than a year ago can fast become an outdated tactic that can prove detrimental to your site today. Continue reading

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Okay. I wasn’t going to say anything but this week’s experiences forced my hand. I’m still finding potential clients who come to us for SEO services suffering the ill-effects of spammy link strategies.

The bottom line is Google said STOP a long time ago and if that’s who you want to “impress” then it stands to reason that you should follow their lead.

Plus – SEO is so much more than that. Filling your website with thousands of people for a handful of keywords you think are cool is no closer to legitimate internet marketing than herding a crowd of people into your store with a gun (cue scene from The Simpsons where Homer tries to market the bowling alley he works at with a shotgun).

Homer Bowling Shotgun Continue reading

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Do you make the most of your email contact list?

Email Marketing

In spite of all the rapidly growing forms of online communication, email marketing still provides one of the highest Return on Investment, with more than 40 percent of email recipients making at least one purchase as a result of a promotional email.

If done right, emailing your customers creates a personal connection, and allows you to market directly to those that have expressed interest in your business, either through subscribing or by providing their email in a previous transaction. Continue reading

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