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One of the most common issues we deal with when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is client expectation and misunderstandings about what SEO is and what it will do for their website. When someone comes in to talk … Continue reading

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Looking over my search results this morning as I was doing research for a client I noticed a new Google search feature – handy screen captures and text snippets of the homepage of the site you’re about the visit. Google … Continue reading

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In “How to make your website make you more money Pt 1” post we looked at some 101 ways you can get your website to start making you money. We looked at things like: Making people trust your site Making … Continue reading

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Well done! Your online marketing strategy has worked and someone has decided to check out your website. They’ve heard about what you do and they think it sounds interesting. It’s great news and you should pat yourself on the back … Continue reading

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