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I was in Melanesia last week, chiefly to climb a volcano, but also to have a good long chat about marketing strategy with Stuart Mathison, who is the Head of Operations of the National Bank of Vanuatu. Stuart is a … Continue reading

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NineMSN are giving away prizes if you use their search instead of Google’s. The concept is simple: for a few weeks you can go to their secret search page, (which is different from their normal search page) enter some words … Continue reading

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I recently wrote a post on the definition of spam in a 21st Century marketing context which touched on the topic of what happens if you get caught spamming in Australia. The process is similar in most western countries. In … Continue reading

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OK, so that’s an inflamatory headline… I will disclaim up front that I love Wikipedia and definitely don’t endorse anyone trying to use it for shameless self promotion, but as the world’s most popular source of information on pretty much … Continue reading

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