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Marilyn Strauss

e-CBD Director

In Internet circles “social networking” is one of the buzz phrases of the moment with services like Facebook having over 100 million active users.

Essentially socially networking is about bringing likeminded individuals together for a common purpose - to share information and communicate with each other. And it's what Marilyn Strauss has been doing, on and off the Internet, for the last three decades.

Community Education & Learning

In the early 1980s, Marilyn Strauss began her career in actively promoting community learning and education when she brought some of China's leading medical acupuncturists out to Australia to educate western doctors via a series of ongoing seminars. This east-meets-west program played a crucial role in the development of pain management as a recognised medical discipline across Australia.

During the same period, Marilyn established the Gold Coast's Childbirth Education Association and Nursing Mothers Association as a way to nurture new mothers and bring them together to share their experiences and learn from professionals. These associations are still thriving today.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Marilyn established the company Gold Coast Conferences which grew from strength to strength over the next decade. Primarily focused on providing continual learning for medical practitioners, Gold Coast Conferences is proud to have educated over 3500 Australian doctors.

Marilyn also worked extensively with NGOs such as the Foundation Development Corporation - Finance For South Pacific Region, and for ten years was the Gold Coast City Ballet's key public relations liasion and administrator. In this capacity, Marilyn was instrumental in fostering awareness of the arts on the Gold Coast by putting its dance community on the map. She organised a program where primary school students from across the region could attend the theatre and have their first taste of ballet as part of their classwork and also marketed ballet camps where young dancers from all over Australia and South East Asia could train under the instruction of the some of the world's best teachers.

The Internet

Marilyn Strauss is considered an Internet veteran, having founded e-CBD in 1998 as a web directory company. During this early period she established several community websites including,, and, all of which are still online and focused on providing enhanced information exchange between stakeholders, their businesses and community sub-groups.

Marilyn's company also actively explored the concept of using the Internet to promote stronger family ties, with her program using her own far-flung family as a test bed. continues to run several community Internet directories and plays an active role in promoting community interactive communication, while also providing international exposure for Australian businesses. These directories include:,,,,,

Marilyn has expertise in database management and maintenance. Her daily work involves the administration of over 300 websites and the day to day management of a 1000 domain names. With her strong background in conference organisation and public relations, and over a decade of Internet publishing and marketing, Marilyn is well known throughout South East Queensland for her common sense, diligence and attention to detail.

When not at work, and that's rarely ever, Marilyn enjoys reading and entertaining.

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