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Quick Questions with Aliesha

Aliesha Dickson snapshot

Aliesha Dickson

Social Media Marketing

What cool websites do you visit most?

Honeslty there are far too many landscape photography websites to name.

What's your favourite blog?

Not really into any blogs... I follow a lot of landscape photographers on Instagram though, does that count?

What do you like most about working at e-CBD?

There is an amazing amount of talent here at e-CBD and it is such an incredible place to work. Have you see the rainforrest we get to have lunch in every day... OMG!!! Granted, in winter it's blooming freezing in that garden but it's oh so nice to be engulfed in nature's beauty.

What do you do when you're not at work?

I like to pick up my camera, put on my Aliesha Mandy Photography hat and head out into our stunning natural environment to capture the world as I see it. If you'd like to check out my work, please click the social icons below.

What's your favourite office snack?

Anything sweet from the wholefoods place across the road, Krissy knows what I mean!!

What are you listening to at the moment?

I have a quite diverse love of music but at the moment I'm loving a bit of EDM (electronic dance music), it helps to keep me moving throughout the day. My fave radio station is Triple J which is a great showcase of unearthed Aussie talent as well as big names.

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