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We're mindful that in uncertain economic times the rich usually complain the loudest, but it's the people at the other end of the scale who do it toughest, whether they're in Melbourne, Mumbai, Southport or the South Pacific.

It's our policy to never charge our clients more than we have to, and go out of our way to help not-for-profit organisations with their digital work at a discounted rate.

Fred Hollows Foundation

Fred Hollows FoundationWe are proud to support the Fred Hollows Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to prevent avoidable blindness through the availability of treatment in rural areas and has restored sight to thousands of people in developing and third world countries.

As a design agency, we believe in Fred Hollows' vision and the work of the Fred Hollows Foundation to provide treatment to those who are otherwise unable to receive it, by providing monthly donations.


Not-For-Profit Digital Work

This year we've been privileged to assist the following organisations with a range of solutions, such as subsidised website work, discounted marketing help, sponsorship and free web hosting.

National Bank of Vanuatu

National Bank of VanuatuAt NBV, we are committed to providing a range of quality banking products and services to businesses, government agencies and individuals throughout Vanuatu and beyond. Our customers include small businesses in rural areas, larger businesses domiciled in Vanuatu, and International customers who require offshore banking services. Whatever your banking needs are, we can serve you.

NBV is proud to be the only commercial bank in Vanuatu that supports the wider national interest. With a network of 21 branches extending from the Banks Islands in the north to Aneitym in the south, NBV is the only bank that provides services outside the main population centres of Port Vila and Luganville. All profit earned by NBV is returned to the people of Vanuatu - paid as dividends to the Government or reinvested to improve and extend banking services. In every sense, NBV is Vanuatu's own bank.


The Animal Welfare League Australia

The Animal Welfare League AustraliaThe Animal Welfare League Australia incorporates the state-based Animal Welfare League organisations. This national partnership is driven to ensure the welfare of the nation's animals.

The foundation of the collaboration between state Animal Welfare Leagues is a shared vision to be at the forefront of companion animal welfare, providing a framework for consistent and improved standards of care, treatment and quality of life. The AWLA seeks to be recognised as the peak companion animal welfare organisation in Australia by providing information and research on important animal welfare issues to the pet industry, local and federal government.

e-CBD has been updating the AWLA websit for a number of years, and have also designed, built and maintained, an organisation aiming to achieve zero euthanasia of all healthy and treatable companion animals, as well as, a directory of vets providing discounted desexing through the National Desexing Network.


The Media Club

The Media ClubThe Media Club is a group of media professionals based on the Gold Coast, organising monthly luncheons and events to facilitate networking among it's members, and to celebrate the achievements of those in the media industry through the MACCA awards.

e-CBD became sponsors of the Media Club in 2012, which includes updating and maintaining their website.


Australian Short Films

Australian Short FilmsAustralian Short is an independent website dedicated to promoting short film in Australia.

This site includes a database of short film scripts by young and emerging writers, a range of links related to short filmmaking in Australia and information about the people involved in Australia's short film industry.


Carmelite Ormiston

Carmelite OrmistonA community of contemplative women in the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, the sisters at Carmelite Monastery Ormiston belong to the worldwide Discalced Teresian Carmelite Order. Their common ideal embraces all people in prayer in every part of the world. e-CBD helped Carmelite Monastery Ormiston create their initial website in 2007.


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